Posts for September 2009

Sep 09

Introduction to Surlex Slides from Djangocon 2009

I have uploaded my slides from my lightning talk on Surlex at Djangocon 2009.

Sep 06

Introduction to Surlex

Surlex (Simple URL Expression) is a language for matching and extracting text, similar to regex (regular expression). It works by generating a regular expression from a more concise syntax that is designed to produce easy-to-read url patterns.

Sep 05

Serve your FLAC and OGG files to iTunes with Firefly

The Firefly Media Server is a killer app for serving your music collection to DAAP-compatible music clients (including iTunes for Mac/Windows and Rhythmbox for Linux). One of it's features that might go unnoticed is its ability to transcode OGG and FLAC compressed files to raw uncompressed sound, bypassing iTunes's incompatibility with those formats.