Posts for December 2009

Dec 13

Django Template Debugging Made Easier with django-template-repl

When working with the Django template language, specifically writing template tags or trying out new template tags that are not well documented, it's easy to fall into a testing loop that involves modifying your code, saving the file, causing runserver to restart, which could take some time for large projects, switching to your web browser, hitting reload, and viewing the results. This workflow can be repetitive and unproductive. I decided to improve template interpreter interactivity by writing a REPL for it, and I released the project as django-template-repl, which is freely available on Github and PyPI. I was surprised and happy to see it was well accepted judging from the twitter chatter and github statistics, so I wrote this to better explain how to use it.

Dec 13

New Blog

I dropped my old styles and went with Mingus.