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Aug 09

Django Template Tag Namespaces Now Possible

I've been interested in the Django template language for some time now, and I've admired much of its simplicity and extendibility. I even wrote a shell for it (screencast) and a two-phase template renderer. Having spent the time to understand how it works, I've also had my share of ideas on how to improve it (addition of "elif", mathematical operations in variable tags, namespaces). The pony that I've been wanting the most is probably namespaces. There has been talk of adding namespaces to Django templates for quite a while (including a ticket with patches and some various discussions on the mailing list (1, 2 and 3)). For years, this concept has sat dormant due to lack of discussion and interest. No pluggable solution had been offered (as far as I know), so I wrote a couple of templatetags that offer namespacing and other features while retaining backwards compatibility and not requiring a fork of Django. This code is available on Github as django-smart-load-tag.